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Weighing in on raw material theft

Skycom, in conjunction with one of our long term clients and partners has embarked on a project with the main purpose of minimizing and ultimately, eradicating theft of raw ore material and costing the client hundreds of thousands of Rands per instance which ultimately has a negative effect on the profitability and sustainability of the mining operations.

The solution ensures that each truck (Horse) has the correct vehicle make-up as well as the correct and qualified driver behind the wheel of that vehicle as well as verifying all the standard XTime validations when a driver scans his / her finger to gain access to the weigh bridge areas.

Once on-site, full vehicle routing validation is applied at each step of the pre-defined and configurable route to ensure that the vehicle make-up, weight and driver has not changed or been modified in any way since the last check point.
All steps are recorded and audited while physical barrier blocking and control is enforced during the complete process.

Taking a look at footage

We have embarked on a project to develop an interface into selected VMS and CCTV platforms through an offering called XTime – Viz.

This offering is aimed at bringing our powerful Workforce Management Suite and Surveillance Security closer together as a combined solution to manage sites and resources through combining and sharing events, alarms and conditions between the systems. The effect of this will in essence doubles the monitoring and management capabilities of your integrated solution.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Module

As part of the XTime road map Skycom in conjunction with a technical partner started looking at how to enhance and expand our current data availability and usability functionality within XTime. This would greatly enhance the capabilities of managers and users alike with the addition of advanced data visualization.

The capability of customizable data analytics and reporting is something that will add great value to the already very powerful XTime Software Suite as well as assist our clients in the daily running of their operations.

Analysing and extracting data with the click of a mouse coupled with advanced data drill down functionality will not only enhance the usability of data but also provide a very powerful management tool.

After a year it is with great pleasure that we can announce that XTime now has a fully functional and customizable Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Module available.